Top recruitment professionals
The Rekrygaala jury consists of experienced business professionals specialised in recruitment, employer brands, and management. In 2022, there’s also a youth representative in the jury, bringing along the voice of those about to begin their careers.
Katri Viippola
HR- ja viestintäjohtaja, Varma
Sami Asikainen
CEO, Eezy
Veikko Nissilä
HR Manager, Perustava
Noora Lindberg
Head of recruitment, Espoon kaupunki
Miikka Huhta
Business Director, Employee Experience and Communications, Miltton
Shadia Rask
The Research Manager at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Hannu-Matias Nurmi
Managing Partner, Chief
Jonna Sjövall
Global head of employer branding, UBS
Konstantin Kouzmitchev
President, National Union of University Students in Finland
Jussi Herlin
Vice Chairman, Kone
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