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Has a recruitment deed or an actor stuck on your mind during past year? Tip Rekrygaala jury about potential candidates and help them find the best of the best, crème de la crème!

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You can suggest actions and actors via form below. Note, that just the suggestion doesn't mean that a candidate will be part of the competition. We'll contact the suggested, and hopefully can get them to participate.

Suggest the best of the best!

You can suggest the actions and actors until September 7th 2021 in just one or even all five categories.

Recruitment Deed can be any action performed within past 12 months, which, leveraging recruitment, has directly or indirectly had a positive impact on individuals, organisations or society. The performer can be an organisation, a network, a group, an employer or an employee. Tell, which deed is in question and who are behind it.

The Best Recruitment Campaign is an exceptionally meritorious campaign that is published within past 12 months, where planning and execution has involved creativity and going aganist mainstream. It can include one or more elements, like a job ad, campaign site, video etc.

Innovator in Recruitment is someone, who has done valuable work and possibly gained wider recognition improving the recruitment industry within past 12 months. Tell us who that is, and which organisation does they represent.

Recruiter of the Year is someone, who has done exceptionally great and productive work within their own organisation and/or for their customer within past 12 months. Tell us who that is, and which organisation does they represent.

Employer Brand of the Year is organization that has managed to build an exceptional relationship with their target audiences. The nominee can be anything ranging from a small local business to a global corporation. Tell us which organization has done that and what makes their employer brand exceptionally strong?

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