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What are great brands made of? Strong brand work is a lot like building a friendship – it requires time, understanding and commitment. Best employer brands tell genuine stories and give out something that the present and future employees can connect with. These brands are built and developed consistently while staying open and ready for change.

What does it take to be the Employer Brand of the Year?

  • The award is given to an employer that has systematically built a relationship with its target audience.
  • The decision is emphasized on long term, strategic brand efforts, more so than individual brand campaigns

Employer Brand of the year will receive the wanted title and extensive visibility as a skilled expert in their field. Please describe as thoroughly as possible why you or your nominee should be awarded as the Employer Brand of the Year.

The winners will be chosen by the jury, which consists of respected business leaders and award-winning recruiting experts. The jury will make their decisions based on the applications.

Remember to submit your answer before you leave the page. Application period ends on September 14th 2021.

Tell us your suggestion for this category. Size does not matter here – the nominee can be anything ranging from a small local business to a global corporation. It may also be a department or other unit, if it is profiled as a separate employer brand.

Mere awareness doesn’t turn an employer into a strong employer brand. Tell us who or what are the target audiences for your suggested employer brand and how this employer has managed to build an exceptional relationship with them.

What makes this employer brand exceptionally strong?

The jury may contact you to gather more information if needed.

What happens next?

  1. The jury collects basic information about the candidates.
  2. The jury asks for more information from candidates if needed.
  3. The jury chooses the finalists and the winner.

Questions or comments concerning the form?
If you have any questions about the form, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]