Rekrygaala 2021

In 2021, people and acts were awarded in five categories.
On Thursday 4 November 2021 we once again gathered under the same roof to celebrate the brightest stars in recruitment. In the Old Student House in Helsinki, awards were given to the Best Recruitment Act of the Year, the Recruitment Developer, the Recruiter of the Year, the Best Recruitment Campaign and, for the first time, the Employer Brand of the Year.
The Recruitment Act of the Year
The Recruitment Act of the Year can be any act from the past 12 months that has, directly or indirectly, had a positive impact on individuals, a community, or society through means of recruitment.
IPS-model’s pilot
Spring House & Varma
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The Best Recruitment Campaign
The Best Recruitment Campaign can be an exceptionally creditable recruitment campaign, which has been conducted within the past 12 months and has utilised creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in both planning and execution. The campaign can contain one or more elements, such as a recruitment ad, a campaign page, or a video.
Tajjuutko AaTeeKoon piälle?
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Innovator in Recruiting
Innovator in Recruiting can be either a person or an organisation that has conducted valuable work to develop the field of recruitment.
Moninaisesti parempi -rekrytointikokeilun tiimi
Shadia Rask, Sanna Nykänen and Mia Teräsaho
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The Recruiter of the Year
The Recruiter of the Year can be a person whose work in recruiting for their own organisation or their clients has been exceptionally excellent and successful in the past 12 months.
Veikko Nissilä
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The Employer Brand of the Year
The award goes to an employer who’s systematically built its employer brand to attract relevant target groups. Instead of individual campaigns, the award emphasises long-term strategic brand-building.
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